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Our Services
Nisko U.K. is a NVOCC and in conjunction with our overseas partners we offer regular services between the ports we serve and the UK. We are also able to offer Cross-trade services if required.

Our preferred UK port for Imports is Felixstowe, where computerised Customs procedures were pioneered and where clearances and onward transport can easily be arranged.

FCL Services
For large shipments or shipments where handling must be kept to a minimum. They can be shipped in either 20ft, 40ft, or 40ft High Cube containers. (Please see our container size guide).

The containers are loaded and sealed at the Shipper’s premises and unloaded at the consignee’s premises. If this is not possible we can arrange to collect the cargo and load it into a container for you. This can be reversed if the destination is unable to unload containers.

LCL Services
For smaller shipments which are more economically shipped in containers with other cargo. These are referred to as “Groupage” or “Consolidation” containers. Cargo is collected from the Shipper’s premises and taken to a warehouse where it is loaded into the container with other cargo. At the destination port the container is taken to a warehouse and the individual shipments are removed and delivered to the various importer’s premises after customs clearance.

Consolidation Services
Useful if you are importing from several suppliers or shipping to several customers via the same origin or destination port. You (or we) load them all in one container and ship on an FCL basis, reducing your costs considerably.

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