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Are you prepared for disaster?Proper packing saves moneyIf you are new to shipping, it can all seem a bit bewildering.

What do all the terms mean?
Who pays what costs?
How do you arrange insurance?
Are licences required?
What about customs Clearance?
What questions should I ask?
What's an EORI?

Air Cargo - Sometimes the cheapest option!And so on…….

Gantry crane loads containers to vesselsLet us handle your freight and you can forget all these worries.

Nisko U.K. is a small company, well suited to guiding you through the minefield of international shipping. We have a wealth of experience both with Manufacturers and Importers as well as in freight forwarding and can provide you with all the support you need.

Leave the shipping to us - it’s our business. You’ll be able to spend more time looking after yours.

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