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UK Customs Clearance
We can arrange UK customs clearance for Export and Import cargo, whether shipped on our freight services or not.

Payment of Duty and VAT
Monies due to HM Revenue & Customs must be accounted for at the time of Import. If you do not have a payment facility set up with Customs, we can arrange to pay on your behalf using our facility.

Bonded Entry
Goods need not be entered to “Free Circulation” at the time of arrival into the UK, they can be stored in a bonded warehouse without payment of monies to customs and without presentation of documents that would be necessary to enter to “Free Circulation”. We can arrange the necessary customs documentation to allow this.

Ultimately the Importer is responsible to customs to ensure that their goods are correctly entered and monies due are paid, however this can often be bewildering to newcomers to importing. We have over 30 years’ experience gained with importers and exporters as well as in forwarding and can advise you how to proceed.
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